Personal Development will make your circle Decrease in size but Increase in value.

Each Self-Development journey is happening because we want to create change. Quite often a big change in our life or career. As you became the person you want to be – the improved version of yourself- be prepared that as you change, things and people around you will change too. This is inevitable, and not necessarily a bad thing!

Our perception of our reality is the reflection of what we are and what we aim to become. The faster this change happens in your life the faster you inner circle will adjust accordingly. If you are ready for a change, be prepared, have an open mind and observe how things will start falling into place. This process might feel uncomfortable, frustrating or unsafe, but remember. It’s all part of you stepping out of your comfort zone.

I have personally experienced my circle changing gradually as i was entering my 20’s, when i started taking my personal development seriously and learn more and more. At that point i was craving for knowledge on everything related to this. The more i learnt the more grew, and the more i grew the more i achieved. There was a phase in my life when drastic changes were happening. (It was the time i discovered EFT). We all have a point of massive growth in our Self-Development journeys. During that time i observed people disappearing from my life, move in different directions, and those who were still in my life they completely didn’t get me and they tried to put me down. And oh my! Was that painful? Yes, it was! It was so harsh for me, so hurtful to my feelings, that for quite a long time I couldn’t realise that new people are coming into my life and my inner circle was being transformed. Some of the transformations were new close friends, a new relationship, new collaborations, new mentors, new clients, new working environment and many-many more!

My point here is that Personal Development will make your circle Decrease in size but Increase in value. Stay on your game and keep going, be open to change, keep your eyes on your goal and observe your own personal development journey. Remember this : To improve is to Change; To be Perfect is to change often!

To your success,

P.S. You don’t have to do this on your own, a coach can help and guide you through all the steps of your journey. This will save you precious time, energy and resources. If you would like to find out more, check out our Programs or Get in Touch.