“I want to find love”. “I want to love and to be loved”. “Why is love so hard to find nowadays?”. “I want to feel the love”. “I want to deeply be in love with someone”. “Don’t I deserve love? ”. “When is this going to happen to me too?”. “What i’m i doing wrong?”. “Does Love Hurt?”. “ Why I’m i single all the time?”. “Are people scared away by me?”. “ I’ve never been on a holiday with a partner”. “ What else do i need to do?”. “I would do anything to find love”. “Will i ever get married?”

Good morning my dear friends. All of the above are questions that i am called to answer in my everyday work with coaching clients. People crave for Love, we all do! Love is the reason we were born in this life. To give and receive Love.

My answer is simple and straight forward. However, i understand that it is not easy; Find a way to love yourself, and true love will unfold and appear right in front of you. If you are struggling to love yourself, here’s another tip: Keep giving love to everyone else. Discover the ways in which you can give love to anyone and anything and yet again, you will very soon receive back all the love you keep giving to everyone else.

Stop occupying your mind with the Why’s and the How’s. Just love as much as you can!

PS: I get it! It’s not easy, but it’s very-very simple. It took me 6 years to get this right. But once i got it right, i am absolutely there and it seems like this feeling is going to last forever! I’m Grateful and Blessed.

Love You All! You can Have it ALL!