Faith is unquestioning Belief.

I meet so many different people every day. People who seek for help and advice. People who want to create a better life, a better future for their children. People who want to break free from their traumas and heal their wounds. People who want to achieve the unavailable, people who want to live life in their own terms.

People come to me with various requests all equally important and vital to their mental health, inner balance and well being.

Do you know who are the ones who actually do it? The ones that achieve the desired result from Day 1?

It’s the ones who have FAITH. The ones who will never ask me “Virginia, is this going to work for me?”. The ones who are shown the way, the methods the tools and GO for it without questioning themselves or ask for explanations on the process. The ones who have faith and understand that the best it yet to come.

You see, for the one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation will ever be enough.

Faith it until you Make it.