Inspired by Bob Proctor

There is a science behind getting abundance in any area of your life and it all starts by leaving others feeling BETTER than you found them. Just because you’ve been there!

The one thing that every human being on the planet wants is INCREASE, we want more! More love, more money, more food, more happiness, more friends, more pleasure, more knowledge and INCREASE is more LIFE. We want more of everything and that is natural because we are spiritual beings and spirits always look for EXPANSION and EXPRESSION. Increase is within all nature (the flowers, the trees) it is the fundamental impulse of the universe. All human activities are based on the desire of increase, every living being is under the necessity for continuous advancement. 

You can help everyone enjoy life better by doing this one little thing. Leaving them with the impression of increase. There is no recipe on how to do this and the way you do it doesn’t really matter. Just be your true authentic self, in your own unique way. Make them feel better just because you were around them! Pay them a compliment, talk to them about something they’ve done well, share with them your story and express your love.

You will leave them with the impression of increase when they feel better because you’ve come into their life. There is so much Good in every person and if you are looking for it you are going to see it. And when you do see it, you are going to see a reflection of the good that’s in yourself.

It’s a beautiful idea, make a decision to leave everybody you come in contact with the impression of increase! And always remember, you and I and them – WE- Can have It ALL!

Virginia Georgiou

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